Thursday, June 17, 2010

Wishing I had a vintage suitcase...

Because I'm going out of town for a couple weeks :) My daughter and I are going to visit her daddy and his family. It'll be nice to get away from everything that just happened. Plus, he always takes me garage sailing (do any of you call it that? I never thought much of it 'til somebody laughed at me! haha) and for some reason, Orlando garage sales kick a$$ lol. Well, atleast they kick South Florida garage sale a$$ : P Oh and the antique stores up there? Uhhh-mayyy-ziiiing. So look forward to some fabulous vintage finds in the store pretty soon :)

Anyway, I'll be on here even more erratically than I normally am (oh Lord!) since I will be up there and every day we're doing something different. And without further ado, here are some inspiring photos of pretty vintage luggage. Doesn't a day in the countryside sound nice? PS if anyone knows where the photos are from, please let me know!

source unknown

source unknown

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