Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Color Study - Soft, dreamy pinks

Oh dear, quite possibly my favorite color. It's the color of femininity and flowers. Just the thought of the color leaves a sweet little smile on my face. No really, it does...haha! Perhaps it's because it transports me back to a time when Penny the doll and Mr. Humphrey the bear were frequent and acceptable guests for tea & cookies, the light reflected off of watches, mirrors, and glass was a dancing fairy, and the droopy umbrella tree in the front yard was a magical "house" where I made "pies" and "cakes" and "fairy food." Isn't it funny how a single color and bring back so many vivid memories? So here's a little tribute to one of my favorite colors, enjoy!


  1. Betty loves pink, too. And what a lovely selection of things - sweet.

    Thank you for including the Best in Children's Books from BettysKitschen.

    Retro Regards,

  2. This is so pretty!
    I love being included in this gorgeous collection ♥
    Thank you!

  3. @Betty: Thank you! And my pleasure!

    @Jackie: I love, love, LOVE your work! When I found your shop I found it difficult to choose just ONE photo for this collection. And I have been craving a warm, gooey chocolate chip cookie all week because of that photo! Haha thanks for stopping by :)

  4. simply devine!

    Mandy Lynne


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