Friday, August 13, 2010

Sneak Peek

Hello everyone! Just wanted to stop by and say hey. I'm still busy busy busy like a bee, but I wanted to throw together a little something so ya'll could see what I've been so busy doing lol. I never realized how much time it took to upkeep a web shop until I really started getting into it. All my life I've had web shops (my family and I used to run a T-shirt and screen printing business) but it was one of those mass produced type of things where you have a certain number of designs you do and thats it. But with vintage things, it's EVER-CHANGING! And I take pride in my shop so I want my pictures to be perfect. So I slave over them haha. I don't know if I'm putting too much into it or what. But I think I'm starting to develop a method of running this ship so I'm not haphazardly doing things. Is anyone else here an Etsy seller? Or someone who runs a web shop? If you have any tips at all, please please please do share haha. I have no problem admitting that I need help! And by all means, leave a link to your store! Other than that, HAPPY WEEKEND EVERYONE!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Babies & Bears - A Photoshoot

Hey everyone. I can't believe its 2 am and I'm still up. I've been like a little choo choo train building, making, mending, cleaning, photographing..the list goes on. I'm re-stocking my shop and trying to get things in order now that I'm back in town. Anyway, in the midst of ALLL that, I stopped to "smell the roses." I had been photographing and staging things in my room, when my daughter woke up from her nap. She was being awfully cute so I decided to snap a few photos since I was in that mindset anyway. Well, I'm so glad I did, because I got some of the best photos of her I think I've ever gotten. The best part? In the photos I'm about to show you, she is holding my teddy bear, named "Corduroy." I got him when I was about three and took him everywhere and I slept with him all the time. Seriously, I was still clingy to this bear in the 4th grade (I know, at 9 years old it's a little weird huh?). I think I even cuddled with him when I was pregnant, on those stressful nights when I thought my whole world was going to topple on top of me and leave me buried in the rubble. Though I've grown apart from that bear, every now and then I look at him with her, and I think of that little sparkle in his eye I used to see. I guess you could say it just makes me happy; that a little piece of my childhood is seamlessly being woven into hers. My goodness I'm a sap, gettin' all misty and teary eyed over here! Oh well, I'm sure you momma's out there know this feeling too :) So I guess the moral of the story is, cliche as it may be, "Stop and smell the roses" and enjoy your children. 

Friday, August 6, 2010

Adorable Vintage Baby Shower

Hi everyone! I feel like I've been away from here for awhile..actually, scratch that, I KNOW I have been away from here for a while. Life just gets so busy, with so many things to do and it's like sometimes I don't know when to do what or how long to take doing it. And especially with this blogging thing, I tend to get lost in what I'm doing - really with any computer-related task I seem to get lost in the work (i.e. graphic design projects). Anyone else feel the same? Anyway, I was checking my twitter when I followed a link to this blog called Jen Loves Kev and I fell in love a little bit (understatement!). She's youthful, vibrant and fun-loving - oh and she's got a baby on the way. Which warms my heart because as you all know I have a little one :) Anyway, I know for sure it will be a site I will be frequenting. Well, as I was perusing her posts (and tearing up at the letters she and her husband write to their unborn baby girl) I came across a post about the baby shower they threw. And it looked FABULOUS! Check it out! (original post here)

(the expectant mommy & daddy)

How great is that party?? Right?? I love the old-fashioned vintage charm - and the outfits were pretty cute too (i.e denim, suspenders, hats). And the invitations were great! The type of thing I aspire to design to. You can tell someone put a lot of time and effort into this. It really is the small details that make get-together's memorable. Don't you just love those pickle jar labels? Oh and the mustaches!!! Ugh, what a great celebration. I wish the best for this young couple and their new little bundle :)

Image Source: Jen Loves Kev on Flickr

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Ten Things I Learned this Month (July)

Okay okay....mostly this month. But some of these are just things that I had to share. Come on, would you really want me keeping valuable information from you? I think not :)
  1. Storing your batteries in a fridge or freezer can extend life, depending on battery type.
    • Alkaline batteries can lose up to 25% of their power a year if stored in a hot garage or attic.
    • Rechargeable batteries lose 1-2% of their charge every day at room temperature. Storing them in the freezer preserves about 90% of a charge in a month. (Better Homes and Gardens Publication: Storage, Summer 2010)
  2. Making your own laundry detergent can be done in less than an hour and can cost you just a penny per load! Learn more here. (I myself have been doing this for a year or so now and it is so easy to make and very customizable since you choose what bar of soap to use)
  3. Save money by buying gift cards for up to 30% off their face value at sites such as,, and (via AARP)
  4. Are you a fan of pastels? The next time you're doing a small painting project, instead of buying a whole can of a particular color, buy a sample a few shades darker than the shade you want and mix it with that spare white paint you have at home. It should save you about $10 and you'll use up that paint that's lying around. (Personal tip)
  5. Here's a two-fer-one on painter's tape:
    • After you've installed your molding, put the tape just a hair above where you're going to caulk to give you a straight line and no mess on the walls. (originally found here)
    • When you're trying to get a crisp line with painter's tape, first use very minimal paint on the brush (dry-brush) and go over the border of the tape. Then, on the second coat, you can apply more paint. The first coat creates a seal so the second coat doesn't seep through. (seen on HGTV)
  6. If you've got kids, then you've probably had a virtual smackdown in the dining room over the subject of vegetables. In lieu of that, why don't you use a little smoke and mirrors and hide their veggies (in their food of course). Try this recipe which cleverly disguises cauliflower in mashed potates. For more 007 recipes, try Jessica Seinfeld's book Deceptively Delicious.
  7. Ok ladies, I know we all have atleast one pair of "sacred" shoes. To preserve their "holiness" spray them with acrylic matte sealer, which can be purchased for as little as $4 and change. This way, when they get dirty, all you have to do is wipe clean! And no one will ever know :)
  8. When cooking a casserole, use ceramic or glass baking dishes; these materials outperform metal and will allow you to lower the oven temperature by 25 degrees, saving both energy and money (via Danny  Seo's Do Just One Thing Calendar)
  9. Use a vintage apron as an organizer. Put mail, sunglasses, pens - whatever! - in the pockets and hang it across a door. Just tie the apron strings around the door and secure with double-sided tape. (Country Home February 2008)
  10. Adding color to your room can sometimes be intimidating. Unless you are completely confident in you skills and taste, it's best to spend "big" money on pieces that are neutral, and instead bring in color with low-cost items. (Unknown)
Do you have any useful tips? Let me know and maybe I'll include it in my next tips post :) By the way, I realize I'm 3 days late but hey what can I say..better late than never right? haha

Image Sources:
Family (unknown), Paint (Twig Hutchinson), Clothesline (bal93 {new Icon})