Friday, August 13, 2010

Sneak Peek

Hello everyone! Just wanted to stop by and say hey. I'm still busy busy busy like a bee, but I wanted to throw together a little something so ya'll could see what I've been so busy doing lol. I never realized how much time it took to upkeep a web shop until I really started getting into it. All my life I've had web shops (my family and I used to run a T-shirt and screen printing business) but it was one of those mass produced type of things where you have a certain number of designs you do and thats it. But with vintage things, it's EVER-CHANGING! And I take pride in my shop so I want my pictures to be perfect. So I slave over them haha. I don't know if I'm putting too much into it or what. But I think I'm starting to develop a method of running this ship so I'm not haphazardly doing things. Is anyone else here an Etsy seller? Or someone who runs a web shop? If you have any tips at all, please please please do share haha. I have no problem admitting that I need help! And by all means, leave a link to your store! Other than that, HAPPY WEEKEND EVERYONE!