Friday, August 6, 2010

Adorable Vintage Baby Shower

Hi everyone! I feel like I've been away from here for awhile..actually, scratch that, I KNOW I have been away from here for a while. Life just gets so busy, with so many things to do and it's like sometimes I don't know when to do what or how long to take doing it. And especially with this blogging thing, I tend to get lost in what I'm doing - really with any computer-related task I seem to get lost in the work (i.e. graphic design projects). Anyone else feel the same? Anyway, I was checking my twitter when I followed a link to this blog called Jen Loves Kev and I fell in love a little bit (understatement!). She's youthful, vibrant and fun-loving - oh and she's got a baby on the way. Which warms my heart because as you all know I have a little one :) Anyway, I know for sure it will be a site I will be frequenting. Well, as I was perusing her posts (and tearing up at the letters she and her husband write to their unborn baby girl) I came across a post about the baby shower they threw. And it looked FABULOUS! Check it out! (original post here)

(the expectant mommy & daddy)

How great is that party?? Right?? I love the old-fashioned vintage charm - and the outfits were pretty cute too (i.e denim, suspenders, hats). And the invitations were great! The type of thing I aspire to design to. You can tell someone put a lot of time and effort into this. It really is the small details that make get-together's memorable. Don't you just love those pickle jar labels? Oh and the mustaches!!! Ugh, what a great celebration. I wish the best for this young couple and their new little bundle :)

Image Source: Jen Loves Kev on Flickr