Hello everyone! Thank you for taking the time to learn a little bit about me and what I've got going on here. I started the lovelie store on Etsy back in 2008 a little bit before I gave birth to my daughter Cheyenne. It started out as a way to make money for her and my schooling but it was difficult as I struggled to take care of an infant, a business, schoolwork and still fulfill my household responsibilities. I'm back at it again though, and hoping I can succeed now that she's older, and hopefully now that I'm a teensie bit wiser.

This blog serves as a multitude of things for me:
  • It's a visual look-book for me and just another way I can keep track of all things that inspire me as well as share them with others - because after all, isn't that one of the best things? When you find something wonderful and get to chit-chat about all it's marvelousness with others that share your same passion??
  • It's a great way to network with different people - and I love talking to new people, especially those who share my same likes and interests.
  • It's one more way to promote my shop and get the word out.
  • And hopefully (God willing) it in itself will be a way to make money through advertisements and sponsors.

Oh, and about the name...during the nesting period before my daughter was born, I was on a crafting frenzy. And as I spent hours slowly crafting in this somewhat therapeutic way, I would think about my little girl and how much I loved her even though she wasn't here yet. And I imagined that the love I felt for her would be sent a long with the things I made for others. So in essence, everything I made was made with love. The name is a play on the way I would close a letter, "Love, Ellie."