Tuesday, June 16, 2009

So sorry!

I know I just disappeared off the face of the earth, but things have been just....weird around here! Now that I'm the only one home with the baby, I've got a lot more on my plate. Oh and for those of you who know about that, I'm still with him, but he's on thin ice. If he screws this up, it's over - and he knows it. So basically, he's in "bootcamp." He has to go to a counselor, get a job, finish school and get his act together if he wants to come back.

ANYways my daughter's birthday party is coming up and I've been planning and doing everything I can. I'm trying to do a lot of DIY projects - which, at the moment (before those stupid people selling crap called and woke Cheyenne up) I'm in the middle of. I'm making a cupcake stand - but not for cupcakes. It's going to be for deli meat! It's gonna look good. Trust me. Now that I said that, I'm doubting myself haha. Anyway, it's gonna be kind weird these next few weeks, but I'll try to scrunch in some goodies for you all to look at. And there will definitely be pictures of her party :)

So, as I always seem to be saying: Bear with me! Hope everyone's having a great day!

Monday, June 1, 2009

Eye Candy!

I've heard of The Cherry Blossom Girl before. In fact, when the blogging bug first bit me, her blog was the second or third I looked at. For one reason or another, though, I sort of forgot about her. Anywho, I rediscovered her again, and boy am I glad. She's a girl after my own heart. She's fashionable, she's got her own thing going on, and yet she keeps that girly, dreamy feel about her. The photos she takes reminds me of Marie Antoinette amongst all her cakes and treats and dresses and shoes and baubles and things. Ahhhhh :) Just take a look at her awesome photography.

all photos via the cherry blossom girl

Thursday, May 28, 2009

The short story about me...

Tomorrow is a sad day for me.

Two short years ago, when I was 17, I fell in love with this guy...and I got pregnant. He was my first. And I loved (still love) him and he loved (still loves) me and we knew we would get married. He lived 3 hours away and would come down to see me every 2 weeks and then every weekend. He was 19 and in college when I got pregnant. When school was over and I was 7 months pregnant, he came to live with my family and I. The whole journey was an amazing experience. I've grown so much as a person because of it. Where I used to be weak and naive, I have become strong and smart. I had to grow up fast, but I love my little girl so much and I would never have it any other way.

So why am I sad you ask?

My fiance, her daddy, hasn't gotten a job. He lives here and survives off of financial aid from school. And when that runs out, mommy and daddy come to the rescue. I've put up with it for far too long. And the small amount of money my parents require him to pay for "rent" just isn't enough anymore. Aside from money, there are some other issues between us - primarily his selfish tendencies and lack of maturity.

I know you must be thinking, "She loves this guy?" I do. And that's why tomorrow (and today for that matter) is so sad. I know that I am the only one he wants to be with and that he loves me and he ADORES his little girl...but true love means sacrifice and I don't see that. My father gave me 10 days to tell him that he needed to go home (because of the finances) and I waited the full 10 days. So tomorrow, I'm sending him back home. It's a separation. He can visit us monthly. Hopefully he'll get a job and start to grow up. Start to be a man. He's 21 for God's sake! And if not........need I say more?

If anyone is reading this, please I ask you to pray for us. Hopefully he'll grow up, but I'm not counting on it :(

So, sorry to be all melancholy and full of angst but I'm going through a rough time. I doubt you'll hear from me tomorrow. Hope all is well with everyone - and don't worry, this sad post is a one-time thing.

I ♥ flowers

"One flower at a time, please
however small the face,

Two flowers are one flower
too many, a distraction.

Three flowers in a vase
begin to be a little noisy.

Like cocktail conversation,
everybody talking.

A crowd of flowers is a
crowd of flatterers (forgive me)

One flower at a time,
I want to hear what it is saying."

- "Bouquets" by Robert Francis

I found this quote in another new book I bought - Style By Nature from Better Homes and Gardens. When I read it, I was thinking, "Hmmm, that's actually pretty true!" I'd much rather have some delphiniums sitting in a mason jar than a 5-flowered Publix bouquet in a vase (don't tell my father that though - he'd feel bad!). So, since I don't feel too good, I thought I'd continue with the flower theme and just post some pretty photos. Enjoy!

by Gabriella.Kai.Photography

by Yvette Inufio

by sapaho

from Blissful Images

Such pretty flowers! I wish they grew like that here in South Florida - ours are so yucky. Anyways, I have another book, called The House in Bloom by Judy Spours, and it's actually kinda cool. It has a ton of different color palettes based on different flowers, how are interiors try to capture the different nuances of a certain flower - whether it be through architecture, textiles, ceramics, or furnishings - and it explains the history behind different trends like chintz (which I love), victorian florals, different colors and their meaning, and more. It's very interesting and it has lots of inspirational photos. And, the best part? I got it for $5.99 at one of my favorite stores: Tuesday Morning. Does anyone else have that store near them? If not, do you have a favorite "best kept secret" type store?

Oh and just a little tip I learned a loooong time ago from a florist: If you are doing some type of an arrangement - whether it be one type of flower or less - always keep an odd number. Trust me, it works EVERY time. Even for other arrangements of different items. For some [ironic] reason, odd numbers keep things balanced. Try it!


I apologize to anyone that's been checking back here and finding nothing. I'm having a rough week. My baby girl and I both have a terrible cold and we're not feelin too peachy. It's a rough week for me - emotionally as well...I'll have to explain that one later. Anyways, if I'm feeling up to it, I might post a little something for you to look at and enjoy later :) Hope you're all doing well.

Oh and I'm going to sound like such a little girl, but Holly Becker of decor8 actually came here and looked at my blog and said a few nice things to me and it absolutely made my day! If you don't know who that is, check out the decor8 link on the left column over there <---- :) I absolutely love her blog and it's one I frequent a lot. There are always great links to great places and gorgeous photos - trust me, she's one you have to bookmark if you haven't already.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Jane Cumberbatch & Atlanta Bartlett

I recently bought the book Decorating Easy by Jane Cumberbatch and The Relaxed Home by Atlanta Bartlett. I absolutely love them! I read them all the time. There's so many beautiful pictures and helpful tidbits of information. Today I'd like to share some photos and decorating tips from both books with you.

via Jane's website

Probably the most informative and generally useful chapter of Decorating Easy is Pearls of Wisdom. The following are some of Jane's pieces of advice (some in my own words) that I have adopted as my own decorating "theories."
  • Be patient! Wait for sales to find bargains on things like sheets, throws, saucepans, and other longlasting items.
  • Don't hold on to EVERYTHING! Get rid of anything you don't love to death or anything that clashes with your style statement.
  • Buy tough, washable fabrics like canvas and cotton ticking.
  • Choose wall paint that can easily wiped down.
  • Instead of synthetic materials, go for natural textures: soft wool blankets; thick, fluffy cotton towels; crisp cotton sheets; wooden countertops; waxed wood floors and; smooth stainless steel kitchen appliances.
  • And for people who use beige on the walls: Beige like colors should be allowed only in items that are naturally beige, such as soft wool blankets and woven baskets.

A comment on the last bullet there: my mother uses beige and I hate it! Creamy white (like off-white) I think is fine, but after reading that part in the book, I have to agree. Beige tends to be boring and almost makes the room look dirty and dark. No beige please!

and now for Atlanta Bartlett!

via Atlanta's website

For me, The Relaxed Home is more of an inspiration book than a tip book - kinda like looking at a mood board. In the introduction, she lists the five styles of the "Relaxed Look" and their characterstics:

"Relaxed Simplicity is the pure, distilled face of relaxed living, while Relaxed Romantic shows you its floral, feminine side. Relaxed Sensuality gives you the excuse to indulge in an array of different textures, colors, scents, and shapes; but if you want a more sophisticated look and a touch of class, choose Relaxed Elegance. Finally there is Relaxed Eclectic - idiosyncratic and humorous, it is the look to opt for if you love many different things and your cabinets are full of impulse buys."

I seriously recommend adding these books to your design/style collection. They have made a fantastic addition to mine. Hope you enjoyed this little glimpse into their books and maybe it inspired you in some way :) Oh and if anyone is interested in the photographers...

Jane Cumberbatch: Jenny Zarins

Atlanta Bartlett: Polly Wreford

Friday, May 22, 2009

Current color combo I'm loving

1. prettier, 2. TwigHutchinson-Stylist, 3. pretty blue things, 4. Luxe, 5. Untitled, 6. Untitled, 7. Untitled, 8. Untitled, 9. First flowers of spring from the front yard, 10. Pink Cheeks, 11. elegant, 12. desk area, 13. girl with sweets, 14. marie antoinette, 15. ugh, 16. fresh

Right now, I'm absolutely in love with these colors! My rooms is kind of a greenish blue - like the color of the sky in that first photo - and I'm trying to find ways to incoporate pinks. I don't know why I love this combo so much. I guess it just reminds me of like sweets and cupcakes and little girl things. What color combos do you like at the moment? I'd love to know :)

Anywho, I did a lot of research today (who knew it could take so much?) to find pretty photos - definitely not going to be an everyday thing [I barely socialized with my family! Baddddd I know] and came across two photographers I really, really liked. Hopefully, I can get ahold of them for an interview and post some of their lovely photos. There are a few in the collage above, but I want to give each of them their own special posting :)Until then, I'll just leave you with their names and links:

Shana Rae

Yvette Inufio

and a favorite of mine: Twig Hutchinson [stylist]


Thursday, May 21, 2009

In the beginning...

I doubt anyone is reading this right now - well, you know, now as in right after I post this - but I've gotta start somewhere right? I have no idea how I'm gonna pull this off, but hey I can try right?

You're probably wondering what I'm talking about huh?

Ok, here we go: I'm 19 years old and I have a 10 month old little girl. It's summer now, and I'm home with her all day (love love love it!). I started sewing and what not while she sleeps and I'm putting it all on etsy. But, as I've found, I can't just rely on putting my stuff out there and getting it to sell.............that's where this comes in.

I'm doing this blog in the hopes that I'll get noticed and word will get out about my stuff. I have no idea how I'm going to post on time and all that, but I guess I'll find a way.

So here goes nothing! I'm starting a crazy journey and I really don't know what I'm doing, but hopefully there are some crazy crafty designy people out there who will enjoy the ride with me :)

Just a little taste of what I'm doing:

This one has green/white polka dots on the other side

This one has pink gingham on the other side
One of my favorites. It's so simple but so pretty!