Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Jane Cumberbatch & Atlanta Bartlett

I recently bought the book Decorating Easy by Jane Cumberbatch and The Relaxed Home by Atlanta Bartlett. I absolutely love them! I read them all the time. There's so many beautiful pictures and helpful tidbits of information. Today I'd like to share some photos and decorating tips from both books with you.

via Jane's website

Probably the most informative and generally useful chapter of Decorating Easy is Pearls of Wisdom. The following are some of Jane's pieces of advice (some in my own words) that I have adopted as my own decorating "theories."
  • Be patient! Wait for sales to find bargains on things like sheets, throws, saucepans, and other longlasting items.
  • Don't hold on to EVERYTHING! Get rid of anything you don't love to death or anything that clashes with your style statement.
  • Buy tough, washable fabrics like canvas and cotton ticking.
  • Choose wall paint that can easily wiped down.
  • Instead of synthetic materials, go for natural textures: soft wool blankets; thick, fluffy cotton towels; crisp cotton sheets; wooden countertops; waxed wood floors and; smooth stainless steel kitchen appliances.
  • And for people who use beige on the walls: Beige like colors should be allowed only in items that are naturally beige, such as soft wool blankets and woven baskets.

A comment on the last bullet there: my mother uses beige and I hate it! Creamy white (like off-white) I think is fine, but after reading that part in the book, I have to agree. Beige tends to be boring and almost makes the room look dirty and dark. No beige please!

and now for Atlanta Bartlett!

via Atlanta's website

For me, The Relaxed Home is more of an inspiration book than a tip book - kinda like looking at a mood board. In the introduction, she lists the five styles of the "Relaxed Look" and their characterstics:

"Relaxed Simplicity is the pure, distilled face of relaxed living, while Relaxed Romantic shows you its floral, feminine side. Relaxed Sensuality gives you the excuse to indulge in an array of different textures, colors, scents, and shapes; but if you want a more sophisticated look and a touch of class, choose Relaxed Elegance. Finally there is Relaxed Eclectic - idiosyncratic and humorous, it is the look to opt for if you love many different things and your cabinets are full of impulse buys."

I seriously recommend adding these books to your design/style collection. They have made a fantastic addition to mine. Hope you enjoyed this little glimpse into their books and maybe it inspired you in some way :) Oh and if anyone is interested in the photographers...

Jane Cumberbatch: Jenny Zarins

Atlanta Bartlett: Polly Wreford

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