Friday, February 24, 2012


Hello everyone! Hope this week has treated you well. This SimpleHappy post is filled with lots of flowers. I love flowers :) I hope to someday live in a better climate with better soil so that gardening will be fun not stressful (South Florida soil is AWFUL! It's really sand lol). 

I love the color of the two purple/mauve flowers. I thought it was so sweet of my hunny - I came home from class and he had bought me a bouquet of pale pink roses (because he knows that I wouldn't have gone for the traditional red ^__^) and then for our little girl (for Valentine's Day) he bought her a wildflower type bunch that had these purple roses. So beautiful! I'm hanging them to make the memory last longer :)

These are from my dad :) (for Valentine's Day)

This is a seed packet design I did for class. There were some last-minute issues where I completely changed my direction (classic Ellie!) but I think for it being a quickie doodle it turned out pretty decent. I'm thinking I might make some kind of printable something for ya'll to download - notecards maybe? Let me know what you'd like to see :)

and....just because there are never enough flowers...hehe

Peonies via pinterest