Thursday, June 24, 2010

Today I love: Swedish Style

I really can't remember when Ikea came to town, but it did around about the same time I started to discover all these interior design blogs, and my style and taste in design became more distinct and I developed a better eye for these things. Since then, I have grown to love Swedish design. I admire the way they live in such tight quarters and make everything work. They let no space go to waste. And have you ever noticed how youthful Swedish interiors look? There's such a beautiful simplicity and playfulness about them. They're not afraid of some bright colors or quirky accessories. But my utmost favorite aspect of their style is the way everything is so light, white, airy and fresh - and when you add those pops of color, it's simply wonderful! 

via decor8

Sorry for the half-a$$ed posts - my attention is being stretched every which way while I'm visiting up here! I'm trying to be consistent though. Anyway, I'm signing off until Monday. Have a great Friday and a wonderful weekend! And if you're like me, good luck hitting up those garage sales :D

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