Saturday, June 5, 2010

Fabric Tape ♥

So when I first saw this on Creature Comforts, I must admit, I was less than excited. Fabric tape? Woo hoo. What's the big deal? It's fabric that's sticky. So basically glued fabric. But then...well, then I found this:

all images via nothingelegant on etsy

And realized....WHOA! LOOK AT ALL THE POSSIBILITIES!!! Think about how easy it would be to, on a whim, just slap it on whatever the heck you want. No cutting fabric scraps and gluing and waiting and smoothing bubbles and worrying about frayed edges. Just peel, snip, stick, and swooooon. Use it on shelf edges for a vintage feel, glass candle votives for a lovely glow, decorating lamp shades...the possibilities are endless. If you would like to purchase some of these gorgeous fabric tapes, just head on over here. This lovely lady also carries many other [paper] masking tapes, stamps, stationary, craft supplies, fabric - you name it! And everything is interesting and unique and so exquistely photographed.

Now, if you're like me, you're on a budget or you're just plain cheap. And at this point, my mother (over the years) has collected a sh!t ton of lace and scraps of fabric n', instead of spending more money that I don't have, I think I'm going to "work with what I have" as my mom always says :) And thanks to Kathrin over at annekata we have this great D.I.Y. Fabric Tape Tutorial.

So whether you're going to buy the tape or make it, I think it's a great concept and something that any crafty person should have on hand. It makes it a snap to spruce up just about anything and it's oh so lovely!

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