Monday, July 12, 2010

Inspiring makeovers

Hello everyone!!! I have missed you all :) Sorry for last week's absence. I quickly realized I wouldn't be getting anything done with and adorable set of kids running around - and I really didn't want to lose any time with them either. But I'm back now! I must let you in on the surprise project :) My dad bought an RV and it's as old as me (20). Soooo, I convinced him (yes, convinced!) that he should let me take care of the decorating and the more cosmetic DIY projects. I'm so darn excited! It's like being able to decorate a whole house by myself. So, for today's inspiration - and yes, I know, not all of you have caravans or RV's or campers - let's take some cues from a handful of beautiful mobile spaces that show that it's not the size that matters, but the style!

annnnnd some more....

In my research, I found that it's common for people to buy old trailers and basically refurbish them into sheds, backyard hangouts and creative work areas. Cool huh? What do you think of these spaces? Do you have a favorite? 

Anyway, I've been working on a moodboard for our camper (side-story: it's been dubbed the "bucko van" because my dad always called my nephew bucko, and he therefore became papa bucko, and thus the van, according to a two year old, is called the bucko van haha) and I want your help! I will post it sometime this week and I hope to get lots of input and maybe some cool ideas. Get your brains working on organization and storage ideas too! Oh and one last thing: 

happy 2nd birthday to my beautiful little girl cheyenne!!! the [little] love of my life :)