Monday, July 19, 2010

Bathrooms Bathed in Beauty

I love bathrooms. You can really have a lot of fun designing a bathroom if you open yourself up to the possibilities. There are so many options to choose from between flooring, wall coverings, fixtures, lighting, and furniture. I enjoy a good challenge and bathrooms are pretty good places to be faced with that. You have to be sure to fit as much storage as you can within what's usually a small space, be sure you use easy to clean surfaces and textures, provide adequate lighting for various tasks, and infuse your own sense of personal style all at the same time. 

(love the utility-esque light above the sink!)

(delicious texture throughout - love the floor tile! You should see the rest of this lady's house too. I got a lot of inpsiration from her for decorating my house:])

(I love how the bottom two-thirds of the room is white with splashes of teal on the bathtub and sink and how the teal is echoed up at the top. I think if the walls were done half-white, half-teal then it wouldn't have been as successful - the tub and sink wouldn't pop as much and they would be in competition with the color on the wall.) 

As I looked through these pictures, I realized that there are seven things I am absolutely in love with in a bathroom:
  1. Subway tile
  2. Hexagon tile
  3. Beadboard
  4. Fresh colors
  5. Unexpected furniture pieces
  6. Unique storage (vintage caddies, baskets, etc.)
  7. Unusual tubs or sinks (such as the colored ones pictured)
What are your must-have's in a bathroom? Any dream ideas you have for a bathroom? I've always thought it would be nice to have a nice big spa tub in the middle of the room with french doors in front of it opening up onto a balcony. That way, I can soak and enjoy the beautiful countryside and hear the birds chirping all at the same time. Then afterwards, in my bathrobe, I can go out onto the balcony and eat a lovely little breakfast - a homemade belgian waffle accompanied by some fresh fruit. Sounds like bliss doesn't it? One day :)