Thursday, July 15, 2010

Artisan White

Hello everyone! How is your day going? Good I hope. I thought I'd do a quick little post on some things I came by today. Lately I have been just inexplicably drawn to white. I love how when something is white, it allows the form to speak for itself. The texture, the shape, whether it is shiny or matte - it's all put on display. It's a beautiful thing, I think. Take a look at the pieces below and I think you'll agree.

I had heard of Alyssa Ettinger before and thought I'd share. I know a lot of you probably have heard of her, but I figured hey, maybe there is one person who hasn't and would like to see her beautiful pottery. I think it is so clever what she has come up with. It's so simple but sooo incredibly pretty. And Yulia! I have a lot of respect for anybody who does paper art. It is a lot of intricate cutting and you really have to develop a skill for it. It's not like painting or drawing where you can cover something up - one slip of the blade and it's ruined. My favorite piece of hers has to be the first one, "The Magic is in the Telling."

Do any of you have a favorite artist of any kind? I'd love to know :) Let me know and I'll definitely be sure to check them out!