Thursday, July 1, 2010

Inspiration: Feminine & French

I know it sounds so cliche, but I really do want to go to Paris. The only thing I think I'm afraid of is that if I go, it might not live up to my expectations. To me, Paris is like this dreamy, magical place where every woman feels like a little girl again - yet a sophisticated woman at the same time. It's you remember when you were little? And you wanted so much to be like women in the movies or the magazines? You played dress-up and had tea parties and even if you weren't always graceful and sophisticated, if you believed you were, you really were. I guess that's how I think of Paris. A place of fanciful dreams, where a woman can be both sensual and yet maintain a sense of youth and innocence at the same time. But you wanna know what I think is the most beautiful thing about French women? Their confidence.

I think that is something we could all use. I know lately I've been poking and prodding at myself, but as I observed a young woman today (who was a little more than curvy) I thought, "She's prettier than me." Number one: I shouldn't be comparing myself to others - why do I need to do that? And number two: I realized why I thought she was pretty - because I could tell she thought she was pretty. Lesson of the day: embrace yourself for who you are - yes, "imperfections" and all - because when you do, you will glow - I promise you. So ladies, take a look at yourself in the mirror today, and tell yourself, "I am beautiful!" Heck, write it ON your mirror - I did ^_^

via .neha.

By the way, I apologize for the late post! Crazy weather today and the internet here sucks! But I hope you enjoyed those photos :) Have a pleasant evening!

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